Privacy Policy

Respecting the privacy of our user a core principle the Shouldo platform and we are doing our best to keep all the information on our users safe. We collect only information that the users explicitly enter and there are no hidden data collections. None of the user's private data is shared with any third party.

Users activity:

We collect information on the users created Shouldos, chosen Shouldo's answers, comments and comment feedback. We collect this information in order to be able give the site core services. Created Shouldos and comments are always public. Shouldo's answers are by default anonymous, but may be public if the user explicitly choose so. Comment feedback are always anonymous.

Personal Information:

The personal information that users enter in their account setting is never shared with anyone and is only used to produce more informative Shouldo answers statistic. Beside the standard answers statistics we aim at giving the demographic statistics of the users that chose a specific answer.


Shouldo site software relies on the Internet cookie technology to keep track of user sessions. Cookies must be enabled in your browser in order to be active (create a Shouldo, answers a Shouldo, comment a Shouldo, etc). However, in order to passively view the content in the Shouldo site cookies can be disabled.


These policies may be adjusted to improve protection of user's privacy. Whenever such changes occur, users will be notified via the internal messaging system and email.